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Confidently Navigate Our Changing World

The Western Door was created to help us confidently navigate our changing world through natural and traditional wisdom. The organization will support councils, community pipe ceremonies, sweat lodge, fire ceremonies, Equinox & Solstice ceremonies, vision quest, coming of age ceremonies, plant teachings and gathering, healing ceremonies & community events.


Connection & Community

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Engaging & Empowering



Life is Better Together!

Original Instructions with Tat Erick Gonzalez

“Love is the language we all love to hear. Speak Love”

Highlighted Podcasts by Rise Collective
Elder & Youth Council 2019
Oct 04, 2019, 5:00 PM – Oct 06, 2019, 6:30 PM
Boulder, CO 80301 USA

Highlighted Podcasts by Rise Collective

Original Instructions with Tat Erick Gonzalez
The Red Road with Sweet Medicine Nation
The Ceremonial Path with Tōssékana
Stevan Simich

“Love is the language we all love to hear. Speak Love”

Upcoming Ceremonies
Tue, Sep 22
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Head
Autumnal Equinox Ceremony 2020
Align yourself with the fall equinox in sacred ceremony on Sugarloaf Mountain (Please note start time is at 7am in the morning - not evening.)
Sun, Dec 20
Location TBD
Winter Solstice Ceremony 2020
Please join us on the shortest day of the year for a special Solstice ceremony to welcome back the light. This is a very old ceremony in the Midéwiwin (Ojibwe) tradition to honor the shortest day, pause for reflection and reconnect ourselves to the mystery of life.
Weekend TBD (Early fall 2021)
East Boulder - Location TBD
Council 2021
An intergenerational council to bring together traditional Elders to connect with and empower attendees in the natural and traditional ways of life.


Boulder, CO




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